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Walking the Dog

I have been obsessed with dogs my entire life.

My name is Jess and I run Complete K9. I own two Belgian Malinois myself; Loki and Tora. My dogs are very much integral to my life and are with me a lot of the time, whether that be on a morning run, coffee stop or a pub trip. 

services on offer

Services on offer

My training is focused on the relationship between owner and dog; I view this as the most important part of dog training.

I ensure that my training is accessible for all owners, no matter what their previous experience.

It is incredibly important to me that the owners are learning alongside their dogs.

I work with all breeds and enjoy the challenges different dogs bring.

Any dog.

Any size.

Any problem.

1-1 sessions
training Walk
Day train
Group class

• £105 in person

• £60 virtually

• 1-2 hours

• £90 single

• £400 pack of 5

• 1 hour

• £60 per walk

• 60 – 90 minutes

• £90 per day

• £40

•1 hour


What the humans say

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