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A life long passion


Owner and Head Trainer

I have been obsessed with dogs my entire life. I grew up surrounded by dogs; my mum breeds Labradors and we had a wide variety of dogs throughout my childhood, including German Shepherds, Rottweilers, a Great Dane, Jack Russells, many Labradors and a Dalmatian. Being surrounded by dogs has always been my happy place and now I get the joy of calling it my job!

I joined the police after graduating from university, intending to become a dog handler. It was only after getting my first Malinois, Loki, that my obsession with training became something I had to pursue. I worked for a prestigious dog training company and learnt from a number of different trainers specialising in advanced obedience, aggression and protection training. Whilst there, I was training in excess of 30 dogs per month on a residential programme, giving me invaluable experience with many different breeds, temperaments and issues. This gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my dream of establishing my own company.

My training is focused on the relationship between owner and dog; I view this as the most important part of dog training. I ensure that my training is accessible for all owners, no matter what their previous experience. It is incredibly important to me that the owners are learning alongside their dogs. I work with all breeds and enjoy the challenges different dogs bring. Any dog. Any size. Any problem.


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