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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

1-1 sessions


£105 in person

£60 virtually

1-2 hours

Assessment of your dog(s) behaviour and the issues you may be dealing with.

Most suitable for dogs with complex behavioural issues such as reactivity, aggression, resource guarding etc. OR if your dog has multiple problems that may be more minor.

The consultation will provide some answers as to why your dog is displaying these unwanted behaviours and how we can start to improve their behaviours. From here we can decide the best training options for you and your dog going forwards. You will be given a training plan and offered ongoing support.


1-2-1 session

£90 single

£400 pack of 5

1 hour

Perfect for owners wanting to take an active role in their dog’s training and learn alongside their dog in real life scenarios.

Suitable for:

  • All aspects of puppy training

  • Correct socialisation

  • Lead walking

  • Recall

  • Reactivity  

  • Calm behaviour in the house

  • Manners

  • Separation anxiety

  • Obedience (from basic to advanced)

The sessions can be done in any location- at your home, local park, town centre etc.


Day Train

£90 per day

2 or 3 week programmes available.

The programme runs Monday to Friday, am to pm (times to be arranged on an individual basis)

This programme is an intense training experience where your dog gets exposed and trained in many different environments to work on improving the behaviours you need help with.

A consultation is compulsory before signing up to this programme (unless you are an existing customer).

This is a great option for people struggling to provide their dog with the amount of training required with the busy nature of day-to-day life or for those who have hit a brick wall and feel they cannot get their dog to the next level themselves.

At the end of the programme their is a detailed handover session (1-2 hours). This is where the owner is shown the dog's progress as well as being shown how to continue the good work. Ongoing support will be available after the day train is complete.


Individual Training Walk

£60 per walk

60 – 90 minutes

An opportunity for your dog to have physical stimulation whilst also being mentally enriched at the same time. If you have some training goals, these can be worked on throughout this walk. Some common problem areas include pulling on the lead, poor recall, inappropriate interactions with dogs etc.


Neutrality group classes


1 hour

Based in Harrogate on Saturday morning bimonthly. The dates of these are announced on my Instagram, or can be messaged to you if requested.

These classes are focused on the dogs' ability to engage with their handler and ignore other distractions, primarily other dogs. We cover aspects of obedience in the class, but a good foundation of obedience is required.

Perfect for dogs who are overexcited by other dogs; struggle to focus and listen around other dogs; nervous of other dogs; are mildly reactive.

Day Train
individual training walk
neutrality group classes
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